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About ChildFund Korea

What we do

ChildFund Korea does more than you might think. Not only do we provide financial, physical, and emotional support for children with mental and physical damage, we work actively to make the world a happier place for children. We take the lead in restoring the rights that children rightfully ought to enjoy, and raising the Happy Planet Index.

Number of children supported in 2018

  • Children in Korea

    About 613,226

  • Children overseas

    About 592,074

Making ChildFund Korea even better

There are a lot of institutions that care for children, but there aren’t many that you can put your trust in. In its long 72-year history, ChildFund Korea has devoted itself to children and has built up a strong base of know-how in child welfare projects, and has been recognized by governments, businesses, the general public, and related organizations.

Reasons why ChildFund Korea is trusted

  • 01. Professionalism

    ChildFund is the top Korean organization specializing in children’s welfare, implementing programs in the fields of survival support, protection support, development support, and rights protection, for children at home and abroad, and providing the organization’s uniquely specialized and standardized services.

  • 02. History

    We have worked unwaveringly for the happiness of all children for the past 72 years, starting as the Korean branch of the CCF in 1948. ChildFund Korea has followed the track of Korea’s social welfare history.

  • 03. Transparency

    ChildFund is carrying out fundraising and distribution projects in accordance with the Act on Collection and Use of Donations. In addition, we are an organization that experts and officials charged with transparent management of the nation’s finances trust and choose.

  • 04. Internationalism

    ChildFund is a member of the ChildFund Alliance, which is made up of 12 countries from around the world, and carries out projects in regional development, education, emergency assistance, etc., in 58 countries worldwide.