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  • Support for poor families
  • Feeding Service
  • Greeny child researchers
  • Children's roundtable discussions
  • children/youth press corps
  • Crisis intervention and operating Group homes
  • Prevention of child violence
  • Prevention of child disapperance and abduction
  • Missing persons family support
  • Foster care
  • Parent education
  • Childcare support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Art and culture projects
  • Talent fostering
  • Psychotherapy
  • Toy libraries
  • Libraries
  • Social education
  • Character improvement education

Sometimes people say that

“the necessities of life - food, clothing and shelter are enough to survive.”
But it’s not always true for children.
Children need attention, love, and respect on top of other needs.
ChildFund Korea addresses the four categories of child rights (survival, protection, development, and
participation) set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, so that children in Korea can grow up in
a healthy and safe environment. We want to keep their dreams alive.

Domestic projects based on the Four Categories of Child Rights

Support for Poor Families

We provide support for childcare costs, educational costs, medical costs, housing costs, emergency essentials, etc., so that children can grow up healthy in the home.

Feeding Service

We provide lunch and food to children who cannot afford a meal.

Crisis intervention and operating Group Homes

Through on-site inspections for child abuse, we keep children safe in the safe living space of Group Home. We also provide psychotherapy and education to prevent repeated abuse.

Prevention against child violence

To help children protect themselves from violence, we operate programs including CAP (child violence prevention), NO-Bullying (prevention of school violence), child abuse prevention education, and child sexual abuse prevention training (tap tap! I can tell!).

Prevention against child disappearance and abduction

We educate children to understand the concepts of disappearance and kidnapping, and ways to protect themselves if either were to happen in real life.

Missing Persons Family Support

We help relieve the emotional distress and economic hardship of families, and provide assistance to find missing children.

Foster care

If the home is not an appropriate environment for children to be raised, we protect children by connecting them with a foster family for a certain period.

Parent Education

We provide a series of training sessions for parents who have difficulties parenting their children.

Childcare Support

We provide diverse childcare activities to regional children’s centers and after-school classrooms.


We help children with special needs to rehabilitate. We also provide special education and vocational training.

Art and culture projects

We operate orchestras and choirs for disadvantaged children who are often neglected in cultural life.

Talent fostering

We provide a specialized course for children who have talent in fields such as academics, the arts, and athletics.


We provide psychotherapy to children struggling with psychological, emotional, and behavior problems.

Toy Libraries

We provide toy lending programs, and play therapy, etc., to promote children’s development.


We carry out various programs to have children play and learn through reading books.

Social education

We run customized programs that meet the needs of local communities.

Character improvement education

We carry out 'character education' to equip children with the character they need in order to get along with others

Greeny Child Researchers

Children, who are child rights holders, research the issues they raise. They share the results with society, helping to create a happy environment for children.

Children’s roundtable discussions

We hold roundtable discussions with children to have them contribute to creating an environment where child rights are respected.

Children/youth press corps

We communicate with local communities from the point of children and youth. We write stories covering diverse issues.